What Good Does Being Spiritually Awakened Give During Youth?

What Good Does Being Spiritually Awakened Give During Youth?


A majority of individuals likely believe that wisdom comes with age. Youth is the time in a person’s life when they are meant to experiment and discover themselves. Mistakes are often more acceptable when you’re a teenager than you’re an adult for this very reason.

And when it comes to “spiritual awakening”, people don’t typically associate it with youth. It’s more of an occurrence when you’re an adult, as your life’s journey has in some way led you down a spiritual road.

However, the youth can, of course, be spiritually awakened. And when they are, their life’s journey can change completely.

To Be Young and Spiritually Awakened: Living by Your Dharma

First, it’s important to answer the question:

What is dharma?

Very broadly, dharma is an integral part of many spiritual teachings which essentially refers to a law governing the Universe and all things in existence. Living out one’s dharma or in accordance with your dharma simply means following this law.

In a way, dharma can refer to your mission or purpose in life. Whether this law is pre-determined by a Higher Power or revealed in the process of spiritual awakening, those who live out their dharma experience a harmonious life.

This is because your dharma is, essentially, your true calling. When you know your dharma, each decision made throughout your entire life will likely be made with this essential truth in mind.

When a person’s dharma is to give love to others, for instance, they may not be so easily consumed by feelings of anger and frustration. They will be less likely to retaliate against others, to seek to harm or avenge. Their “purpose” is to give love to others, so this will be their guiding force throughout life.


How Can This Spiritual Awakening Change Your Life?

Spiritual awakening and living by your own dharma have massive implications for every aspect of your life. Through self-reflection and meditation, those who discover their personal dharma can essentially reach a different way of living.

If the youth is often associated with one’s search for meaning, a desire to experiment in order to understand who you are, living by your dharma can offer you a sense of direction. It’s essentially your guide throughout your life’s journey.

Perhaps this is the biggest benefit a young person can have when they become spiritually awakened. Their life quest stops being motivated by the desire for self-discovery, and they instead become motivated to live in accordance with their higher purpose.

Those who know their dharma and are spiritually awakened will often have completely different perspectives
on life itself:

  • They are often less stressed and anxious regarding their future
  • They guide themselves by love, compassion, and understanding
  • They seek peace and harmony
  • They have knowledge that extends outside the material world, for they are connected to God

Your purpose in love is often felt intuitively. Even before you are spiritually awakened, at any age, people are inherently driven to live in accordance with their dharma.

A mother that cares for her child lives following her Dharma. She is guided by her unending love for her child, and not the desire to prove to the world she is a good mother.

When guided by dharma, you are guided by sincerity, joy, and compassion. You act not because it is in your own interest of self-preservation or to acquire something, but because you know it is what you must do, for others and yourself.


How Can You Find Your Dharma?

This journey to discovering your higher purpose is incredibly personal, and each person can have a different experience.

In general, it’s important to peel back the different layers of the Self and reveal the core values you have. Beyond the surface of who you are, as perceived by others, and even by yourself, you can discover your true nature.

Some ways to do it can include:

  • Seek the happiness in your soul. Dharma offers an incredible feeling of satisfaction and joy each time
    you live by it. Reflect on moments of joy in your life to see what your personal dharma might be;
  • Learn, and improve your mind. The mind and the soul are deeply connected. One cannot be
    enlightenment by the other, so by learning more about your spiritual nature and seeking answers, you
    can also reveal the truth that lies within your soul;
  • Let go of the things that serve you no purpose. Life is full of distractions. Often, they deter people
    from growing spiritually. Yet with some reflections, you can realize that many of these distractions can
    be easily removed from your life’s journey, allowing you to stay focused on your path to spiritual

The journey can be long, but it is full of joyous and rewarding moments that can motivate you to keep moving forward.


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