Top Retreat Venues For Hire in Italy in 2023 | Host Your Retreat in Italy

Italy is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. This beautiful country offers a multitude of exceptional locations that can complement and enhance the experience of your next yoga retreat or a yoga holiday.

Imagine basking in the embrace of the Tuscan countryside, where rolling hills and vineyards create an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and introspection. The serenity of this region invites deep connection with nature, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the present moment, finding tranquility in the rustling leaves and gentle breezes that caress their skin.

Or picture a retreat nestled within the enchanting Italian lakes region, with its crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains. This setting evokes a sense of awe and reverence, offering an opportunity for profound reflection and personal growth. The tranquil lakeside atmosphere fosters a profound connection with one’s inner self, enabling attendees to delve into their yoga practice and discover newfound clarity amidst the serene surroundings.

With the in mind we’ve made a list of the finest destinations in Italy that perfectly embody the ambiance you desire for your upcoming yoga retreat or group getaway!


Sicilian Spirit

Location: Sicily, Italy

Feel: Serene, cozy, welcoming. The space oozes “relaxation” and “creative energy”. The home is balanced by strong features like stone and cement paired with soft accents like arched entryways and wood finishes. Open spaces made to feel cozy by adding textures, floor seats, and plush couches and chairs.  Maybe the purpose of your retreat is to feel “grounded”. The retreat space is nestled on a certified organic farm, producing extra virgin olive oil, wheat, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Guests are welcome to pick vegetables and fruit from the on-site garden. The outside space of this retreat venues Italy includes 25 hectares of garden, forest, and rolling hills. Running through the property is a small river. 

Ideal for moderate to large gatherings, the space can sleep 10-28 people and the yoga space can comfortably accommodate up to 28 people. Outside, enjoy the swimming pool and stunning landscape architecture. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Villa Cecilia Trabia

Location: Sicily, Italy

Feel: Extravagant, exciting, luxury Italian retreat venue. Guests will feel a sense of care and excited energy. The property is colorful in every sense of the word. Surrounded by tropical plants and ocean views, it has a resort vacation feel that will leave guests feeling pampered. Perfect for a luxury yoga retreat, the following services are included: full board food service, tour guides, private transportation, concierge services, housekeeping, child care, and private boat complete with a skipper. 

The property includes one main house and three separate cottages that can accommodate 8-22 guests total. Also includes 3 pools, stacked for added privacy and noise control, and an outside kitchen. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Oliveto Estate

Location: Macerata, Italy

Feel: Reflective, peaceful, calm. Enjoy rest and relaxation at the Oliveto Estate. Clean, neutral design elements evoke a calming sensation for your yoga or meditation retreat. Guests can enjoy a walk through the 9 acre olive grove and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home bring a sense of nature indoors – perfect to host retreat in Italy. White Glove service allows for a customized retreat experience such as organizing a cooking class, private chef experience, on-site massage services, and guided villa tours.

Relax at the in-villa spa or one of the pools. Also includes a fire pit, outdoor barbeque, outdoor yoga studio, tennis court, and a personal concierge to ensure an enjoyable stay. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Ancora del Chianti Art Yoga

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Feeling: Warm, communal, inviting. An ideal setting if the purpose of your yoga retreat is to create a sense of community. Guests will feel at ease gathering in the warm dining space, seating areas, and outside garden of this bed and breakfast. The grand spaces paired with small seating areas create a cozy setting ideal for intimate conversations and connection. With sustainability in mind, the property uses rainwater recycling, biomass heating, herbal waste water purification, and organic farming, to just name a few of the eco-friendly practices. They also value educating sustainability practices to younger generations by hosting educational tours on the property. 

Complete with 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, the home can accommodate up to 17 guests. The yoga studio features large windows with panoramic garden views. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Terzo di Danciano

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Feeling: Tranquil, grand, peaceful. Unwind and connect to a forgotten sense of self. Water is said to bring clarity and peace. With the spa, pool, and gorgeous indoor fountain, clarity and peace abound in this gorgeous home. Perfect for a retreat that intends to be transformative and invite new perspective on one’s life or circumstance. Family owned and operated, the owners are devoted to the art of hosting and guests will feel like family. 

This home can accommodate 12-24 people. Catering options include full or half-board services, with a variety of menu options. The home is spacious for larger groups, including a large dining space, open yoga studio, and beautiful outdoor gathering areas. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Historical Villa II Poggio

Location: Umbria, Italy

Feeling: Intimate, secluded, grounded. This 1700s home has been renovated while maintaining an original antique look. The home feels grand from the outside and cozy from the inside. Small spaces invite a cozy feeling for your yoga retreat. There is plenty to enjoy outside with manicured lawns, an olive tree grove, lavender plants, and a swimming pool. An outdoor dining area surrounded by plants creates an intimate feel, even for larger groups.

The home can accommodate 10-21 people with two adjoining apartments. Ample space to gather, including 3 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, and 2 kitchens. Antique furniture was selected to match the vintage feel of the home. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Me & More Italy

Location: Provence of Arezzo, Italy

Feeling: Creative, social, relaxing. This home is designed with community in mind. Ideal for a social yoga or meditation retreat intended to bring others together and create a sense of belonging. Artsy features foster a sense of creative expression and thought perfect for initiating unique conversations. There are many group gathering spaces both indoors and out, as well as more secluded spots for personal reflection time.

This home sleeps 10-21 people. Features include a sauna, swimming pool, covered outdoor yoga terrace, and multiple indoor and outdoor fireplaces, all on 60 hectares. Guests will be amazed by outdoor views 24 hours per day, from vibrant nature landscapes by day to the magical star-lit night sky. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.

Eco Resort II Cantico Della Natura

Location: Perugia, Italy

Feeling: Enchanting, warm, romantic. This home feels like it is fresh from a storybook and guests are sure to feel the enchanting energy. It is surrounded by one of the oldest olive tree plantations in the area. The space feels equally grand and intimate. Spacious rooms and stone finishes are paired with low entryways and warm wood to add a cozy feel. Umbria is known to be a region full of “harmony”, which is a perfect way to describe the feel of this space.

The home is able to accommodate 8-60 guests. Included is a restaurant inside and an outdoor dining area. Some of the bathrooms feature luxurious jet tubs. Nestled on 25 hectares of farmland, guests may enjoy some outdoor activities like biking, horseback riding, truffle foraging, and hiking. For more details and to send an enquiry please click here.


With so many beautiful retreat venues Italy options, there is something for every type of gathering. Knowing the purpose and “feeling” you hope to evoke is essential when choosing a retreat venue. Whether the purpose of your yoga retreat is to connect with others, self-reflect, relax, or transform, there is a perfect retreat venues Italy for every retreat. Enjoy your next retreat in Italy!


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