You can try it for FREE! It won’t cost you anything for 6 months

That’s right! We want you to experience all of the exciting benefits of using Retreat Hub before making a commitment.

Unique listing page

Your venue will have its unique listing page that will include a detailed description, a photo gallery, a map location, a website link, your contact details and more. The link to your listing page can be used for marketing and promotional purposes as it will have all the information in one place!

Improve your rankings and visibility on Search Engines

Listing your venue with Retreat Hub can help you direct more quality traffic to your website as well as take advantage of multiple other SEO benefits like: better pages indexing, one-way backlinks and improved visibility on Search Engines.


We have an advanced marketing plan in place with the ultimate goal to bring the event planners directly to you. By using multiple filters and categories we are making sure that the enquiries you are receiving are precisely targeted to your listing. By joining Retreat Hub you will also be getting benefits of the numerous search engine, email and Social Media marketing campaigns.

Turn your low-season into retreat season

If you are the owner of a hotel or B&B – you can maximise your earnings by letting your property to retreat organisers during low season. Because the retreat season is all-year round!


After the initial free period of 6 months a subscription fee will be introduced starting at €199 per year (circa $230 and £175) with a separate deal for property owners willing to submit more than 1 property. We don’t ask for any payment information during the free period, so it will be up to you whether you would like to continue using the platform after 6 months.

At RetreatHub we don’t take any commission from the bookings. All the enquiries will come directly to you via the contact details on your listing.

We would like to make the payment policy as transparent as possible, so if you still have any questions about our fees, please contact us directly.


Are you a retreat venue owner with a capacity of minimum of 10 people? Or do you have a hotel/B&B that you would be willing to let to retreat organisers (mostly within the most wonderful yoga community)? Do you have a studio or a room big enough for group activities?

Then Retreat Hub is for you!

Please note: at Retreat Hub we cater to retreat organisers, not individuals, therefore we ask you to be mindful of that and not advertise your own retreat packages in the listing.

Creating your listing is simple! And you can edit it at any time!