37 Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations to Balance and Heal Your Throat Chakra

Sometimes, expressing ourselves may seem challenging, making us feel misunderstood, isolated, frustrated or even leading us to anxiety…. Does any of these feelings are familiar to you? If so, I’ve got news for you! We’ve all felt this way at some point in our lives, why? We’ve all experienced the process of learning how to communicate.

As babies, we could only express ourselves through crying. Surely, we all somehow can recognize how stressful the communication process can be at times, because we were all babies once! After growing, we continue to integrate new dimensions that transcend the verbal forms of expression …The good thing is that it’s no longer necessary to cry about it!
Unlike the root chakra and sacral chakra that connect us with the earthly and the sexual, Vishuddha links us with the wisdom and expression of all dimensions of our being.

Blockage or Imbalance of the Throat Chakra

Many times, listening to ourselves and being clear about what is going on internally can be a big challenge! That is why the real act of learning to communicate starts within us. It is from there that we can express ourselves clearly and connect with everything around us.

If we cannot understand ourselves, it is a clear expression that our throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced. How can we know this is happening?

  • You do not have mental or emotional clarity.
  • What you want is not consistent with what you think, feel or do.
  • You do not know how to express yourself assertively.
  • Physically, your body can express imbalance in the thyroids, vocal system, mouth, arms, neck, shoulders, larynx, jaw, neck, nape of neck, esophagus, ears, lungs, trachea or cervical vertebrae.

Throat Chakra Affirmations to Balance and Heal It

You attract everything that is in your same frequency, for this reason, affirmations are an extremely powerful tool: Thoughts, change your energy and therefore, moderate your frequency, in this manner, you can heal the ways in which your body expresses itself and not only that, but you can consciously transform your reality as you begin to attract that which resonates with you!

Below, we share with you 37 affirmations that will help unblock, heal and will allow energy to flow in a balanced way in your throat chakra:

  1. I am capable of expressing my own truth.
  2. I am free of judgment before my own truth and the truth of others.
  3. I am capable to integrate the interpretations of others.
  4. Nothing binds me to an absolute truth; I am able to explore and integrate the universe that I am with every truth.
  5. I receive every possibility of expression from love and I express myself in every possibility of expression from love.
  6. I am free of all limitation in the presence of the power of love that I am.
  7. I breathe the infinity that I am.
  8. I embrace all expression as the possibility of that which expands my reality.
  9. I allow myself to express the potential that I am.
  10. I am part, as everything is part.
  11. I communicate through love, wisdom and compassion.
  12. I release all doubt of what I contain, I am capable of sharing myself with the world that surrounds me.
  13. I am capable to share what my being contains, free of all internal and external judgment.
  14. I am conscious of what I wish to deliver through my words, intention and action.
  15. I communicate lovingly and compassionately, listening to others in the same way.
  16. I am aware of the power and strength contained in my words.
  17. I enjoy interacting and nurturing with the universe that I am in others.
  18. I recognize myself in everything that allows me to integrate from what is different a wider truth.
  19. I am one with the universe, from this space, I am able to communicate with everything that surrounds me.
  20. I live a human experience; I allow myself to discover and transform myself without judging myself.
  21. Everything that I conceive can change, my truth is not absolute.
  22. I can express myself freely while respecting all that is different.
  23. I love the adventure of discovering and transforming my own truth.
  24. I am free to be my own art.
  25. I allow my being to express itself from the joy of the adventure that I am in discovering myself in it.
  26. I allow myself to be free to fully express my being.
  27. I honor myself and all that surrounds me.
  28. I integrate everything expressed as a master experience.
  29. I allow myself to receive and listen to my guides, masters and the beloved being that I am.
  30. I believe in the infinite potential that I contain.
  31. I allow myself to express the joy of the adventure I am.
  32. I believe in me.
  33. I am perfect on each imperfection that allows me to grow and to discover myself.
  34. I am capable of communicating myself assertively.
  35. I am human, I grow from my mistakes.
  36. Everything I share from me has value in creation.
  37. I believe it in every projection of wisdom from my being.


The Throat Chakra Crystals

There is not just one throat chakra stone, there are several acting as great allies when working with Vishuddha, either to unblock or balance them. These chakra stones help us to enhance the work we want to do.

To work with throat chakra crystals and stones you should know something about Vishuddha:
The color of this chakra is Blue.

The ideal minerals to work this energy center, are the ones of the same color frequency. Here are some of the crystals for throat chakra and stones you can use, based on their function.

To work on communication, listening and intuition you can use light blue crystals such as:

Blue Agate
Blue Aventurine
Lapis Lazuli
Blue Topaz
Opal with blue iridescence
Blue Fluorite
Blue Calcite

To work the energetic blockages, you can use blue-green and turquoise blue crystals like:


How to Use Crystals

Color: Blue
Frequency: 741 Hz
Sacred Sound in Sanskrit: HAM
Integrating these elements that represent the chakra and are related to the frequency forms in which it expresses itself, you can do the following practice:
– Listen to an audio with the frequency 741 Hz you can get several on YouTube like this one:


– Place yourself in a comfortable position lying on your back.
– Place the crystal or stone on top of your throat.
– Imagine in your throat a blue light.
– Mentally repeat the mantra: “HAM”.
– Observe how as you repeat the mantra, the blue light becomes brighter and expands as you repeat the mantra mentally.

Remember that each path is a personal discovery, so the best suggestion is to release all expectations and let the magic happen by itself!

Are you ready to work on your Vishuddha chakra? I hope all these tools serve as a guide and impulse to harmonize this important energy center in you!

Remember, you will be able to see the change in you, as you continue to work on yourself. Lovingly and compassionately is a personal mantra that you can integrate when doing personal work, after all, we are divine beings living in a beautiful human experience!



Author: Mercedes Herrera

From Venezuelan lands, explorer of the world and the cosmos since birth, graduated in Communications Studies but trained in the school of human experience.

In the course of my life, I always attended that inner call that allows me to discover my path at every step. I started to integrate trainings and practices of Reiki, Pendulum, CRP and Yoga 13 years ago. As I deepened in the path of life, I was initiated in a school of Vedic studies of Shiva Kriya Yoga, which I was part of, for 11 years.




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