Why We Need to Retreat

The joy inside, the you inside, the feeling inside, the love inside, the pain inside, the hope inside, the truth inside … everything you need is INSIDE and that’s really what you discover and FEEL when you go on retreat.

And all those feels come to be experienced when we allow ourselves SPACE and space is the big retreat commodity!

Space to relax, space to breathe, space to process, space to remember, space to grow, space to flow and space to connect.

Space to FEEL all the feelings that exist in between the sometimes non-stop tidal wave of life in these times. We’re in the information age when we are so bombarded by the constant tick-tock of technology distracting us from BEING, where we are constantly on call and available and more and more of us are burning out.

I’m about to begin teaching my twelth kundalini yoga and meditation retreat of 2019 and I’m also planning the adventure to join my second retreat experience of 2019 as a participant so I’m right there with you in understanding why we need to retreat in the first place.

Personally I need the space to replenish and that’s what I believe we all need.

We need a  space that is outside of the matrix of modern life where the world stands still for a moment, where we have the time to be introspective and where we have the time to say hello to our SOUL.

I am honoured to welcome you here to retreat in a space I have created to connect to your soul and to remember your true self and grow.


About the author:

Trish Whelan is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki master and shamanic practitioner. Trish runs Soul Adventures healing and transformational retreats from her home in Ibiza as well as in Goa, Scotland and Ireland.

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