Top 5 Surfing and Yoga Retreat Destinations

Mindfulness and self-care are terms that frequent all forms of media, and what better way to put these terms into practice than by attending a yoga and surfing retreat.  Yoga and surfing have been used in combination to curate a unique mind-body experience on the surfboard and yoga mat alike. Forming an ideal pair, both activities focus on spirituality, balance, relaxation, flexibility, and strength. Whether self-care, mindfulness, relaxation, or strength training is the motive, a yoga and surfing retreat can benefit anyone. Here are the top 5 destinations:


Morocco is widely known for its laid back, relaxed culture. It is not uncommon for Moroccan beaches to be appreciated not only by humans, but also camels, horses, and other animals. Legzira Beach is arguably the most popular beach in the country, thanks to breathtaking views complete with a spectacular rock cliff in the formation of an arch. In between surfing waves and downward dogs, indulge in all that Morocco has to offer.


Known as the “island of the gods”, Bali is a popular destination when seeking spiritual growth and healing. The deep spiritual practice of Balinese people is believed to be how the country received its nickname. Locals follow strict routines that have been followed for centuries, such beginning each day with prayer, observing sacred holidays, and regularly visiting one of the many holy temples. Bali is a magical place to attend a surf and yoga retreat and deepen the spiritual side of the practice.



An often overlooked factor, weather plays a crucial role in determining if a surfing and yoga retreat is a pleasant or unpleasant experience. Rain, wind, and cold weather put a damper on beach activities. Portugal averages 300 sunny days per year, making it almost a guarantee to experience beautiful weather any time of year. On the surfing front, the highest wave ever recorded was in Portugal. Enjoy sunny beaches with fantastic waves at a retreat center in Portugal.


The birthplace of yoga, India is a natural choice for a yoga and surf retreat. One reason to practice yoga in its birthplace is to experience traditional teachings that have been maintained throughout generations. India also has incredible beaches, perfect for rolling out the yoga mat or riding a surfboard. Encounter the place where yoga began (and, also, catch a few waves) by booking a retreat center in India.

Costa Rica

Cultivating a unique atmosphere for a surf and yoga retreat, Costa Rica is home to a variety of terrain, including rainforest, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches, to boot. Its diverse environment makes Costa Rica habitable to many creatures, one of the most impressive being butterflies. Enjoy the wildlife, surf, yoga, and do not miss sipping their world-famous coffee.


Yoga and surfing retreats have been increasing in popularity, and for good reason. The combination of surfing and yoga fosters a unique and tranquil experience that incorporates mindfulness and movement together. Whether traveling near or far, enjoy retreating in an environment that facilitates growth, awareness, and relaxation. No shoes required, allow the mind-body practice of yoga and surfing to transform you from the inside out. Which of these destinations will you travel to?


By Robyn Chopin for RetreatHub

Photography credits: Linus Nylund, Alex Wise, Tyler Nix

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