The Mystical Sacred Number 108 and Yoga

The sacred number of 108 was always believed to be of high importance by yogis. Much of our reality is composed of mathematics if we look closely. Famous numbers were important for people like Galileo, mystics of Hinduism, asian philosophers, yoga practitioners, and many others. Naturally derived sequence like the Fibonacci sequence can be seen repeated many times. Are these numbers just a coincidence or something much more? Let’s take a look at the belief behind this mathematical anomaly, the number 108.

Belief Behind 108

The code of 108 is believed to be a number for spiritual completion in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The beads of the japa malas are composed of 108 beads for the purpose of repeating mantras for this specific number of times. It is believed that the closer we replicate the cycles of 108 in whatever activity we participate in, the closer we can end the cycle of reincarnation through alignment with the creation energetics.

Asian and Indian expert always held mathematics and numerology in high regards. They calculated it to be a mathematical matter involving the square of 1 times the square of 2 times the square of 3 to equal 108. Perhaps it could also be the sums of the digits when dividing in half or multiplying 108 by two, which come out equal to 9. The number 9 also happens to be another divine number. Are you starting to see how all these important numbers keep repeating now?

Other Examples

Practitioners at yoga retreats can be often be seen doing sun salutations with nine rounds of 12 postures, which total 108, to deepen their practice. There were many historical sites that have this pattern: 108 feet in diameter for the Sarsen Circle (United Kingdom), 108 feet tall for the High Temple of Lamanai (Belize) and Tikal temple (Guatemala). The number even relates  down to our body where 108 degrees fahrenheit is the temperature of organ failure from overheating or the 108 marma points, or sacred places in the body.

Meaning Of It All

While there are many examples of this sacred number appearing in different situations, no one truly knows the original significance until some unfound ancient texts might shed light on this. Over and over again, real instances like the distances of the moon-earth-sun or the RigVeda texts having 108, will continue to be found.

For the practitioner of yoga, the number can represent certain goals they are trying to reach. For example, if pranayama is practiced to a point where a user makes only 108 breaths a day, then enlightenment will come. Or it could be a limit where a user of Kriya yoga can have only a maximum number of 108 repetitions in one sitting.

Whether you are a casual yogi who doesn’t believe in a drop of this nonsense or serious practitioner who holds this number close, one can’t deny the appearance of this number everywhere. Clearly there is no end to this repetition. So believing in 108 paths to god or not, keep practicing yoga anyways and maybe, just maybe, the answer might come to you. True power comes from belief anyways, right?

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