Mexico – Retreat Centers for Hire


Home to the ancient Aztec empire and Maya civilization, Mexico is a fascinating and charming country situated the southern part of North America. Mexico is more than just a vacation with tequilas and margaritas. With its rich history and culture, Mexico is a dream come true for a unique adventure experience. Beauty is in every corner of Mexico. From its delightful cuisine and stunning sandy beaches to its architectural history, sounds, and heritage. The country offers a lot of exciting and laid-back eco-activities. Learn and show your surfing skills at the Puerto Escondido. It is known as one of the best surfing spots in the world. Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido is also called the Mexican Pipeline for its giant waves almost similar to the intensity and shape of another famous surfing spot in Oahu, Hawaii – the Banzai Pipeline. Another outdoor activity you’d want to try is zip lining in Tulum. Zip above the Mexican jungle and descend directly at their cenotes – water caverns underground. Visit the historic Mayan Ruins in Cancun. Savor the best zen in one of Cancun’s most relaxing retreat venues. Experience spiritual growth in paradise.  Browse RetreatHub for various retreat centers for hire in Mexico!