Jordan – Retreat Centres for Hire

Jordan is a country that’s big on hospitality, ancient history, culture, and numerous Unesco World Heritage sites including the architectural wonders of Petra, the expansive deserts and towering rocks of Wadi Rum, the Temple of Hercules in Amman, the Roman ruins at Jerash, and the historical Muslim fortress of Ajloun Castle. It is best known as the prime spot for exploring archeological sites during the day and getting immensely mesmerized by stargazing beautiful stars during the night – it’s a welcoming and peaceful destination for hosting yoga or any type of retreat, and definitely a utopia not to be missed. Jordanians are also generally known to be hospitable people, so don’t let their frowns fool you because you’ll quickly realize that beyond their tough exterior of a resting frown face typically lies a fun-loving attitude and a deeply rooted tradition of hospitality. Despite popular belief that Jordan is an always hot, dry, and sunny country, they also receive a great deal of cold and cloudy days, rain and even snow, typically from November to February. Retreat venue Jordan is the perfect spot for explorers at heart.