Belgium – Retreat Centers for Hire

Known to have medieval towns and Renaissance architecture, Belgium is a marvelous Western European country for you to discover. There are a variety of outdoor activities for you to experience in Belgium. You can visit the Grand-Palace in Brussels, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the westernmost part of Belgium lies the Flanders Field. Learn more about Belgium’s history as you stroll around the most famous battlefield in the country. Of course, Belgium is closest to the hearts of those who have a sweet tooth. Belgium is well-known for its chocolates. Savor Belgium’s truffles, pralines, and chocolate-covered waffles. Aside from the sweets, Belgium is also known for its food festivals. From mussel to croquettes, you can have a taste of the Belgian cuisine. But you can still have healthy options. Frolic at the prosperous fruit garden and vegetable gardens, homemade organic-pressed orange juice, and organic buffet prepared for you. You can mostly find them in retreat venues where you can also extend your healthy options to healthy soul, body, and mind. Make the most out of the serene atmosphere in one of these locations. Behind the vibrant cities in Belgium, there are still more tranquil places to connect, to learn, and renew.  Discover these retreat centers as you browse our hub!