Turkey – Retreat Centers for Hire

If you have a knack for ancient history, you should visit Turkey. Proved by the existence of the early forms of civilizations like the Lycian Rock Tombs at Myra, you can pack up with colorful backstories. Filled with fascinating architecture, intricate ceramics, carpets, and textiles, Turkey is as precious as a gem. While the tourist cities have a lot to offer, the less traveled areas of Turkey are worth exploring too. Holy mosques are some of the most famous places to visit here. Have a stop at Istanbul – the country’s capital city – and marvel at those beautiful mosques like the Suleymaniye Mosque, Ortakoy Mosque, or the iconic Blue Mosque. If you have more adrenaline running in you, have a glimpse of hell and visit Mt. Olympos – home to the Yanartaş or ‘Burning Rock called Chimaera. Ancient people associated this with a monster’s breath with exceptional flames. Imagine how scary but astonishing it looks at night! But if you want a laid-back Turkish adventure, you can go to Eastern Turkey which is typically tourist-free. Do as the locals do. Head to Cappadocia for hiking trails and enjoy colorful, diverse rock landscapes on the way. Watch the sunrise or the sunset in a hot air balloon. Meditate in a beautiful secluded mountain valley. Enjoy outdoor yoga sessions. Stay in a traditional Turkish Köşk tree house. If you’re ready to experience them all, browse our retreat centers in Turkey!