Serbia – Retreat Centers for Hire


One of the rustic gems in the Balkan region, Serbia offers a unique cultural experience. From its rich history that runs from the medieval days of the Serbian Kingdom to its impressive spiritual centers, Serbia is both an adventure and a haven. Serbia has five large national parks for you to visit. Known as one of Serbia’s ‘Mighty 5’, the Fruška Gora National Park has the greenest vineyards and beautiful sceneries perfect for wildlife watching, hiking, and cycling. Fruška Gora is considered as the jewel of Serbia. Its rich landscapes were formed during different geological periods making it a natural geological phenomenon. From Serbian Mount Athos, this other national park is called the Silver Mountain because of its abundance in mineral resources. The Kopaonik National Park is considered as the biggest mountain range in Serbia. Aside from being known as the Silver Mountain, during 200 sunny days on some regions of this beauty, it is called the Sunny Mountain. Kopaonik is also home to a large number of endemic species. You can also have your earthy escapades by spending a night or two in different rural homestays and exploring monasteries. Serbia is also one of the perfect destinations for bird-watching for it is home to an almost 36% of bird species. Spot vultures in their habitats along Uvac river gorge. Enjoy your binocular moment with Mt. Tara or the Ušće Tower for a great vantage point to witness the marvelous white-tailed eagles. For some thrillers, you can visit an almost half a dozen rivers to raft for an amazing white-water experience. But if you’re looking for some mellow Serbian adventure, you can find retreat locations for your meditation and wellness journey. Isolated in nature, your yoga, silent retreats, even workshops or seminars will be perfectly held in Serbia. Explore our retreat centers in Serbia!