Montenegro – Retreat Centers for Hire


Montenegro is one of the hidden gems along the Adriatic Sea. It is known as the Land of the Black Mountain. The name comes from an Italian origin, ‘monte’ means mountain and ‘negro’ means black.  Montenegro is home to almost 117 beaches. From the turquoise waters in Petrovac, the lively Jaz beach, white sands in Mala Plaža to the peaceful beach on the Luštica peninsula, Montenegro is perfect for all beach lovers and rustic enthusiasts. You can also find the oldest olive tree in the world in Montenegro. Stara Maslina survived the test of time and even fire; now it is still standing at 2, 000 years old. Going for some adrenaline, see the second deepest canyon in the world – Tara Canyon – on a whitewater rafting experience. Montenegro is home to some of the oldest communities in the world, rich with historical background, culture, and arts. There are various museums for you to visit. One of the oldest institutions in Montenegro, The Museum of Fine Arts has more than a thousand artworks displayed starting from the 7th century. The Polimlje Museum in Berane holds the archaeological and natural artifacts and history. You can also experience Montenegro by visiting retreat locations for hire. Meditate in front of the Boka Bay. Go on a fishing trip at noon. Enjoy the peace as you practice yoga or sit by the bay.  You can browse RetreatHub for retreat centers in Montenegro and have one for the books!