India – Retreat Centers for Hire


Did you know that the birthplace of yoga is in India? Rishikesh, a city in India, is known as the center of yoga and meditation. The history of the place makes it the perfect destination for beginner and advanced yogis. The thought of being in the same place where yoga was first created and is practiced for centuries creates an authentic and magical vibe. Old sacred texts are said to have inspired the birth of yoga. If you are ready to start your holistic journey, hold on to something because the next words you will be reading will make you search for retreat centers in India. India has some of the most sacred mountains in the world, attracting a lot of people to visit the country to seek enlightenment. Head to an ashram or learn the yoga basics – there is something to fit every traveler. Find retreat venues and immerse yourself in tranquility and authenticity the place has to offer. Stay in an oasis of Ayurveda and all things eco-practices. From no plastic bottle policy, fishing in the rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Mahanadi, Krishna, and Kaveri, biking in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas alongside other mountain expeditions, experiencing the captivating backwaters of Kerala, enjoying plant-based cuisine, to rejuvenating all of your senses with yoga and meditation, India is a spiritual and ecological sanctuary for you to encounter.