Guatemala – Retreat Centers for Hire

Welcome to the heart of the Mayan World and the Land of Eternal Spring! Guatemala is home to a rich history and archaeology. Libraries, museums, and even Mayan artifacts are present in this country. The Mayan influence stretches back to the beautiful caves situated in the different parts of the land that is said to be the gateway to a different realm to its ritualistic culture and beliefs. Despite the downers around, Guatemala has been proving them wrong with its undeniable beauty. The word Guatemala came from the Nahuatl word ‘Cuauhtēmallān’ which means many trees. Living up to its definition, Guatemala is an ecological prodigy. Did you know that this is also home to an almost 10 % of all recorded species in the world? Covered with a large mass of rainforests, volcanoes, and coffee fields, Guatemala is a haven for abundant biodiversity. Guatemala is even more famous for its coffee – a perfect blend of strong aroma and sweetness with less acidity that is good for your tummy. You can DIY visit, or book a tour to different coffee plantations in the highlands. Now, imagine waking up in one of the country’s best retreat locations while sipping that world-famous coffee with the Lake Atitlan as your view. Guess it’s time to get one with nature in Guatemala! Find retreat centers for hire. Learn the art and science of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You can also hike up a dormant volcano and swim in or camp by the lake called Laguna de Ipala. Visit turquoise-colored pools in Semuc Champey. Live like a Mayan, shop like a Mayan in one of the Mayan-cultured spots in Guatemala. Why stop there if you can set foot to one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in the world – the ruins of Tikal. There are a lot of ways to immerse yourself in Guatemala. Let us help you find retreat centers for rent and experience a different culture like no other!