France – Retreat Centers for Hire


France is known for romance, and this includes the language. Listening to a French conversation is equivalent to listening to a beautiful song, even when it’s not fully understood. Besides the Eiffel Tower, France is full of beautiful architecture, sculptures, and art. While museums are plenty, it’s possible to appreciate French art just by walking around. Marvel at the highest mountain in Western Europe – Mont Blanc. You can also spot alluring retreat spaces around. From Vaucluse, that’s surrounded by lavender fields to Gréolières on fourteen acres of river-fronted garden. Immerse yourself in an en ecological retreat experience between the high mountains of the Haut Vallespir and the coast of the Mediterranean. Meditate on top of a high plateau and devour organic fresh and meals prepared for you. Few cuisines rival that of the French, especially when it comes to baked goods. Also, the French take pride in supporting local farmers. Head to the outdoor market and enjoy the fresh food while also supporting local business. Take a break from the city lights. Slow down, breathe the French air, put the pinky finger up, sip your tisane, drink that wine, cut that cheese, learn a little history as you bike around, and take the time to appreciate everything around you. Have an extraordinary twist on your French experience. Browse our retreat centers in France!