Indonesia Retreat Centers for Hire


If we talk about nature, Indonesia got it for sure. Known to be a stunning natural paradise, Indonesia can surely capture the heart of anyone that visits. Consisting of beautiful islands surrounded by Indian and Pacific oceans, expect to have marvelous marine life, lots of beach hopping, and immersive nature experience. Indonesia is one of the most active volcanic areas in the world. Indonesia is home to a large portion of the world’s coral reefs. Get the best out of the Indonesian waters by trying out scuba diving and snorkeling.  While many people indulge in unhealthy food while traveling, there is an abundance of fruits in Indonesia. One of the most popular fruits here is the banana. You can notice most of the Indonesian restaurants and hotels serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a touch of banana. Indonesia is one of the world’s top producers of this delicious fruit. With sprawling, lush forests and landscapes, prepare yourself for an amazing outdoor adventure. You can trek or hike the valleys along Sideman Road and the mountains of Flores. Rafting and kayaking the rivers of Indonesia great options too. With an estimated 127 volcanoes which most are active ones, volcano climbing is a thing in Indonesia. Travel to Bandung, West Java, or Tomohon for a best volcano climbing experience. If wildlife is your passion, Indonesia will not disappoint you. There are a lot of national parks to visit and watch animals too. You can also find retreat centers for you to meditate and refresh. Browse RetreatHub to find stunning retreat locations in Bali!