Australia – Retreat Centers for Hire

Welcome to the land down under, Australia! Considered as the sixth largest country, Australia is a mix of great outdoor and nature adventures to indoor activities. Located at the southern hemisphere, experience the semitropic climate of the country. Both a continent and an island, Australia is rich with aquatic resources and biodiversity. From flourishing tropical rainforests to vast grassland areas, sandy desert, to an amazing marine life, you have a long list of places to explore. Australia is home to the world’s largest reef and the only living thing visible from space called the Great Barrier Reef.  Imagine staying in a beautiful retreat center with an ocean view. It couldn’t be more perfect. You can also meditate in front of the Central Desert in a 600-acre venue. Take a dip in the Alice Springs to complete your rejuvenating ritual. Gaze at the stunning Milky Way as you set your camp at night. Enjoy both of the serene and adventurous Australian outback. You can even savor the fresh air by the Surfcoast area. With a beautiful yoga studio on site, you can refresh and recharge while having the heat of the solar Mineral Pool touch your skin. Let us help you find retreat locations around Australia!