Wakana, Spain

WAKANA, Carretera, Benalup-Casas Viejas, España

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TypeBed And Breakfast
Sleeps15 - 160

About the property

A place to unwind the clock of modern life and unlock the door to a wonder of the world.

Included Amenities

Yoga/Seminar room

In front of the lake 'La Palapa' and 'La Gran Yurta', for all practices

Eco practices

Temazcal and the green garden


Dating back to the very beginning of the Neolithic era in the 20th Century BC, Wakana still demonstrates remnants of it’s ancient history in it’s painted caves (Tajo de las Figuras) and dolmens. Funerary structures protecting Phoenician remains are to be found in the bottom of the caves, Wakana being a former trading place with Greeks and Tartessians.

Researcher Alberto Porlán believes that the Tartessian mythical city of Atlantis would have been situated on a fluvial island our beautiful natural park! With such rich history, visitors to Wakana often describe it as a true source of energy and a temple to fertility and nature.


In honor of nature and its history, Wakana offers a variety of nomadic experiences in its accommodations
- Mongolian Yurt
- Indian Teepee
- Andalusian Cortijo


- Mongolian Yurt: integrated toilets
- Indian Teepee : The teepees do not have integrated bathrooms but they have an attached module with toilets and showers.
- Andalusian Cortijo: showers & toilets


100% organic plant-based food
Our kitchen team are specialists in deliciously nourishing and sustainable plant-based foods offering a wide range of colourful globally inspired vibrant dishes to guests

Kitchen and Dining room

The typical Andalusian Cortijo: It's beautiful traditional architecture offers in the interior a living room and a dining room.



Cadiz, Spain


WAKANA, Carretera, Benalup-Casas Viejas, España

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