Ozen Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Ozen Cocom, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Closest airport: Cancun Internatinal Airport - 40 kms away

Venue Details

TypeRetreat Centre
Sleeps10 - 100

About the property

Immersed in the paradisiacal nature of Quintana Roo, México, this unique & spectacular OZEN resort was made to host the best yoga, meditation and health retreats in the world.

Included Amenities

Yoga/Seminar room

Having developed the full complex uniquely for the spiritual growth we count with some of the most incredible yoga & meditation auditoriums you will find.
Considering modern style, comfort, design and contact with oxygen & nature, fundamental for those who make this type of activity.
We include professional audio and microphones and the help of our technicians and cleaning staff.

Eco practices

Plants are life for us, OZEN followed the environmental forest laws, in cutting and building process as well as we've planted more than 6000 exotic plants and trees all over the property !

We run fully on solar electricity during the day and have a silent generator running for a couple of hours at night to re-charge the batteries and provide 24 hours of electricity comfort to our guests.

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OZEN ecotourist resort is located in a 10 hectare circular forest property with a cenote lake as the project center.

This cenote is surrounded by all the gardens and the project development, a gathering of unique architectural structures such as, 70 beautiful and comfortable rooms, 5 different auditoriums designed for events such as yoga, meditation, dance, arts, music concerts, cultural events and others. The public areas such as lobbies, 4 restaurant zones, cafes, public toilets and parking lot are all within a 150 m distance range.

Since it is a health and purification resort - all food is vegetarian and all places are free of tobacco smoke and alcohol.

If you are looking forward to run a retreat in nature, on a trendy location, comfortable, harmonious and with a unique architecture, then OZEN resort is the right venue for you.

OZEN resort is located just 9 kms away from Playa del Carmen center, 40 kms away from Cancun Internatinal Airport and 60 kms away from Tulum hotel zone

The Riviera Maya state is one of the most recognised luxury tourism location, with plenty of 5 star luxury resorts. There are abundant attraction facts for the tourists to choose the Riviera Maya, such as its nature preservation, the transparent warm water and white sand beaches, plenty of cenote lakes, nature adventures, the ancient mayan culture and their pyramids and ruins.

We are experts hosting retreats. Retreats that book with us are 100% successful and reebok, our venue and prices are incomparable, this because we are a non-profit organisation run by a good team of volunteers.


22 CUBE studios
18 CONE studios
6 HIVE studios
Beautiful marble flooring, designer wood details, luxury finishes and garden view.
All have one queen size bed, enough to accommodate 1 or 2 people


1 single bathroom per room, shower, toilet, sink, bidet, beautiful tiles, designer wood details and luxury fittings.


We're a Eco Touristic Resort focused on human inner growth and health
Full-board catering ( bed & breakfast - lunch - dinner - tea breaks)
We serve nourishing vegetarian food for all types of events

Kitchen and Dining room

Industrial kitchen with 4 separate zones, equipped with 2 industrial multi purpose stoves, machines and general kitchen equipment, 6 sinks, 2 storages

5 different dinning areas enough for 250 people


Areas such as the :
Voodoo Lounge
Dinning hall

5 auditoriums :
White Lotus
Star palapa
Full Moon palapa
Art center

Cenote lake, gardens & decks
20 hectares of nature

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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Riviera Maya, one of the most recognised luxury tourism location, with plenty of 5 star luxury resorts.


Ozen Cocom, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Nearest Airport

Cancun Internatinal Airport - 40 kms away

Nearest Town

Playa del Carmen - 9 kms away

Nearest Station

Mini buses (colectivo) highway stop - 5 kms away
ADO bus station in the center of Playa del Carmen - 12 kms away

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Booking Conditions

We ask for a 50% deposit, or a payment plan agreed with OZEN management.

The prices per night are usually :
40 USD - room
20 USD - all meals 1 person

All inclusive accommodation, meals and use of auditoriums :
60 USD private room 1 person
80 USD private room 2 people (40 USD per person)

Our cancellation policy is strictly non-refundable

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