Narbuli Retreat House, Latvia

Narbuli Retreat House, Аматская волость, Драбешская волость, Латвия

Closest airport: The Retreat House Narbuli is located 92 km away from Riga International Airport. The road from the a

Venue Details

TypeRetreat Centre
Sleeps8 - 12

About the property

Narbuli Retreat House with 9 rooms designed in the style of 8 Jungian archetypes is located in the heart of Latvia. Our special retreat is the only archetypal house in the Baltic.


  • Best for Hiking
  • Outstanding Views

Included Amenities

Air Conditioning
Yoga/Seminar room

The Practice Room is ideal for hosting yoga and other physical practices for up to 12 individuals. It can also accommodate up to 20 people for lectures.

The east-facing wall of the room features a panoramic window that offers a stunning view of the nearby forest and leads to a covered terrace. There is also a small south-facing window.

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Narbuli Retreat House, a secluded getaway with a thatched roof, is perched on a hill overlooking a picturesque lake. With rooms designed in the style of eight Jungian archetypes, Narbuli’s four floors offer a unique and immersive experience for guests. The retreat venue Latvia property features balconies and several tranquil spaces for meditation and relaxation, giving you the perfect opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in nature.

Narbuli House has:
9 rooms that can accommodate 11-12 people.
A spacious 48 m2 practice room for group activities.
A covered 40 m2 terrace.
2 kitchens for meal preparation and a dining room with a large table for up to 16 people.
A hall with a fireplace and sofa, as well as a sauna accompanied by a spacious anteroom for relaxation.
Balconies and terraces for public use.

Our equipment:
Flip chart
Audio system
Air purifier and humidifier
16 chairs
12 yoga mats

For adults living in modern society, taking a break to detoxify your body and mind is essential. A few days spent in silence, sleeping in complete darkness with the help of blackout curtains to block out the morning sun, and waking up naturally without an alarm clock can have significant benefits.

Retreat House Narbuli retreat venue Latvia offers all of this, along with a unique blend of relaxation, urban comfort, and hedonism. Guests can enjoy gatherings by the fireplace, take a sauna, or even skinny dip in the lake during the summer. The importance of spending time in solitude for busy people cannot be overstated and there are numerous studies showing its integral i


There are 9 rooms in total, each one decorated to embody one of the Jungian archetypes. The maximum capacity of the retreat house is 12 people or 9 if there are no couples in the group.


Guests can cook for themselves using the fully-equipped kitchens.
Our in-house chef can provide meals for guests.
We can also arrange for food delivery from restaurants in the nearby city of Cēsis.

Kitchen and Dining room

There're 2 kitchens in the House.
Equipment: electric stove, oven, kitchen hood, dishwasher, capsule coffee maker, microwave oven, electric kettle and toaster.


Amatciems is located on the border of Gauja National Park, a nature reserve with dozens of hiking and biking trails, natural monuments, and architectural landmarks.

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Valmieras, Latvia

The village Amatciems (there are about 100 houses in the village).


Narbuli Retreat House, Аматская волость, Драбешская волость, Латвия

Nearest Airport

The Retreat House Narbuli is located 92 km away from Riga International Airport. The road from the airport will take about 1.5 hours.

Nearest Town

Cēsis Riga

Nearest Station

The village is located near Cēsis on the A2 highway.
You can get to Melturi/ Araiši/ Cēsis by train or bus and then take a taxi.

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Booking Conditions

Please note that Narbuli Retreat House is only available for booking for group practices, trainings, and retreats. It is not permitted to book the property for parties, family vacations, or other purposes.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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