Lunita Jungle Hotel, Mexico

Lunita Jungle Hotel, Quintana Roo, Messico

Closest airport: Cancun airport - 44 km

Venue Details

Sleeps8 - 14

About the property

Lunita Jungle Hotel is a new project in the middle of the jungle, owned and surrounded by nature and a beautiful energy.


  • Swimming Pool

Included Amenities

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Here in Lunita Jungle Hotel, retreat centre Mexico the thought was all about creating beautiful retreats, 8 rooms with all the amenities, swimming pool,restaurant, big ceremony area, fire camp and a lot of decoration.

We created this space saving as many trees as possible, taking care of the ecosystem thanks to solar panels, using fresh and natural water coming directly from an underground cenote.

We deeply trust that having retreats is a way to share our energy with mother nature and to receive back her magic and unique power.

Lunita retreat centre Mexico is like a book where the organizer of the retreat can write his story, creating an unique experience.
Our menus can be fully connected to the special needs of the retreat, we are ready to offer you delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

We can work just as a location or help the organizer with more than 20 different experiences.
In the last months we already had the pleasure to host different retreats like Tantra, Woman Circles, Ayahuasca and Bufo retreats and yoga.


We have 8 rooms with queen size bed, private bathroom and garden, fridge, fan and a big window to enjoy the nature all around.

We can add up to 6 extra bed if required.


Every room has a private bathroom with sink, shower and wc. The water come directly from an underground cenote.


Cleaning service is offered without extra costs


Lunita Jungle thanks to his chef can offer every kind of different dishes, even vegan and vegetarian.

We focus on buying fresh food every day, directly from near farms.

Kitchen and Dining room

We have a restaurant and bar that can be used by our chef or rented.

We can host up to 20 people by the restaurant or up to 30 by the area around the pool


Ceremony area
Big pool
Fire camp
Artistic installation

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Quintana Roo, Mexico

The location is close to the airport.

The property is 5.000 squared meter - 53.819 squared feet


Lunita Jungle Hotel, Quintana Roo, Messico

Nearest Airport

Cancun airport - 44 km

Nearest Town

Puerto Morelos - 16 km
Cancun - 44 km

Nearest Station

Puerto Morelos - 16 km

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Booking Conditions

We request 50% deposit to book the property, not refundable.

The remaining amount can be paid directly by Lunita.

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