Little Paradise, Hamburg, Germany

Little Paradise, Krütz, Hoisdorf, Germany

Venue Details

TypeRetreat Centre
Sleeps8 - 11

About the property

Little Paradise is a meditation and retreat center just outside Hamburg, Germany.
A cozy private home for your relaxing timeout, retreat, meditation holiday, or for small spiritual group events.

Included Amenities

Yoga/Seminar room

The meditation and seminar room is big enough for large parties and cozy enough to enjoy alone. This is the main room of the house and comes outfitted with a variety of cushions, blankets and back rests, and has a wide view that looks out onto the yard and garden. The room has a heater unit, as well as a wood burning fireplace with ready chopped wood.

Eco practices

The house is mostly powered via solar energy in the months where the sun gives enough of its smiling rays. The residents and most guests practice an organic and vegetarian diet, and the garden is tended using permaculture design systems and philosophies. Water and gas systems are up-to-date and in place to save resources. 90% of all trash is recycled or composted on the property.


Little Paradise is a meditation and retreat center, and private guesthouse outside Hamburg, Germany.
Our house is specially designed for people to find deep rest, stillness and to reconnect with nature and the inner.

Do you need a relaxing timeout, a spiritual retreat or meditation holiday to find inner silence, peace, tranquility, reconnection to nature, and regain strength, focus, and clarity?

Or you are just in search of a beautiful place to spend some time reflecting, contemplating, or finding yourself?

Or would you simply enjoy a relaxing stay in a peaceful guesthouse with easy access to the surrounding nature, yet only a short 30 minute drive from Hamburg centre?
Little Paradise provides a space where all of the above is possible.
Our focus is to provide space for people doing personal retreat.
Occasionally, as a seminar center, we also offer rooms for workshops, seminars, and related events.
Many guests participate in shared meditations or just enjoy the peaceful tranquility of this place by resting in the garden or soaking in the amazing view from the window.

Room for retreat:
​This rustic country house with guest rooms, and a holiday apartment (vacation rental) offers the best conditions for people in search of a meaningful pause.
Retreat, relax, read, write, meditate, connect with nature, find inner peace and stillness - do as you prefer.

People interested in 'spiritual holidays', personal retreat, or quiet group travel feel comfortable here, likewise.

Enjoying Silence:
A large meditation room with a fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen* and an enchant garden.


The home offers three guest rooms, two of which are lower and upper level duplex suites connected via a spiral staircase with private bathroom and shower.


There are four total bathrooms; two of which are in the duplex suites, including showers. One other bathroom is shared and included a shower, and another shared powder room with no shower.

Bed linen

Towels and linens are provided with the space at no extra cost


The house is stocked with organic and vegetarian foods. All meals are prepared by individual guests. Ingredients for special food needs can be purchased upon request.

Kitchen and Dining room

The kitchen space is large and outfitted with all amenities. Appliances are updated, and a kitchen table is available to use.


The house has a nice backyard and garden area with a pond. There are a variety of fruit trees and berry patches that bear a colorful and tasty yield when the season is right. Seating is plentiful.



Hamburg, Germany

Hoisdorf is a small village in the outskirts of Hamburg.
Very good connection to Hamburg, Lubeck & Baltic Sea.
By car:
Hamburg City/Airport: 25 min
Baltic Sea/Lubeck: 35 min


Little Paradise, Krütz, Hoisdorf, Germany

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Nearest Town


Bus Station

Nearest train station is Großhansdorf (4 km).

Booking Conditions

Pleas contact us prior to booking.
Payment policy: 50% payment at time of reservation. Remainder is to be paid two months prior to the event.
Cancellation policy: 25% refund when cancelling up to 14 days prior to the event. Additional 25% refund when cancelling two months prior to the event.