La Fuente Retreat – B&B, Spain

La Fuente Retreat Center, Lecrín, Spain

Venue Details

TypeRetreat Centre
Sleeps8 - 18

About the property

The house is located on a plateau in the middle of the Sierra Nevada . At 1100 metres above sea level and completely surrounded by national park, it is an ideal spot to for a Retreat 100% off the grid.

Included Amenities

Swimming Pool
Hot Tub
Yoga/Seminar room

At the moment we have a 16 sqm Yoga Room, equipped with yoga matts, music sound system and a 12 sqm studio for massage or therapy uses. Currently we are working on the upgrade of the studio for more comfort.

Eco practices

Our house is based on an eco ethos and we are 100% off grid. Our water is fresh from the mountains. We have solar panels to provide us with electricity and hot water, which we store. This provides us with underfloor heating for the house. We have a diesel boiler and a generator to support the main systems in case of cloudy weather and as a back up.


At a distance of 45 minutes from the airport of Granada and about one hour and a half to the airport of Malaga, the place is easy enough to access but still the last climb up the mountain invites you to leave all your problems at the bottom and step out of the car in La Fuente parking as a lighter person.

The property has nine guests rooms - all of them with a double queen size bed and an en-suite toilet and shower. All of them faces a sheltered patio that makes for a great meeting point with tables and chairs surrounded by flowers. Our guests will also have access to a fully equipped library and a dining area as well as a lounge with a fireplace. Outside there is a generously sized pool as well as a hot jacuzzi. The house is equipped with an extensive solar panel system that provides full self sufficiency in energy consumption. The tap water is fresh and drinkable, coming straight from the mountains.

Outside of the house and belonging to the property you will find a ten hectare olive and almond park that is located on almost entirely flat land - ideal for walks of a not so demanding level. If you are interested in more of an inclination, you have the surrounding mountains to explore. They are famous for hiking and also mountain biking, and there are several tracks passing the house.

The mountain air is fresh and on a clear night the starlit sky magnificent. The smell of lavender and rosemary dominates the outside area thanks to some well kept plantations.

Lecrin Valley is the name of the area La Fuente retreat belongs to. It is located in between Granada and the coast.



A Coruna, Spain

We are located in the heart of Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Transfers from the airport can be arranged. 90 min from Malaga Airport and 45 min from Granada Airport.


La Fuente Retreat Center, Lecrín, Spain

Nearest Airport

90 min from Malaga Airport and 45 min from Granada Airport.

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