Awaken Yoga Eco-Resort in Amazon jungle, Peru

Iquitos, Peru

Closest airport: Iquitos International Airport

Venue Details

TypeRetreat Centre
Sleeps8 - 64

About the property

AWAKEN: Unrivaled Amazon jungle luxury Yoga Retreat center on the jungle lake. 64-guest capacity, 21 villas, luxury amenities, and pristine rainforest setting. Onsite restaurant and retreat team.


  • Best for Silent & Meditation
  • Eco Friendly Venues
  • Plant Medicine Centres
  • Yoga & Surf Retreats

Types of retreats we host

  • Art Retreat
  • Company Offsite
  • Fitness Retreat
  • Group Gathering
  • Nutrition Retreat
  • Silent Retreat
  • Team Building
  • Wellness Retreat
  • Women’s Only
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Yoga Teacher Training

Included Amenities

Yoga/Seminar room

180m2 lakefront Yoga sala, a covered oasis in the heart of nature, with the option to enclose it at night. Equipped with all your yoga essentials. For conferences, our 150m2 open restaurant space offers modern amenities, including a screen, projector, and sound system, hosting up to 80 people in theater-style seating.

Eco practices

Our resort is fully sustainable, powered by solar panels and featuring a 4-stage water filtration system. We source food from our gardens and the local community, practice thorough garbage sorting, and avoid plastic and chemical products. Our commitment includes providing employment opportunities for local indigenous communities.



Yoga Studio/Meeting Room

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AWAKEN is an exclusive Amazon rainforest Yoga Retreat, an idyllic venue for corporate clients seeking a unique experience. With a maximum capacity of 64 guests, our resort boasts 21 private luxury villas, ranging from 64m2 to 180m2, as well as two apartment hotels, each with 4 rooms 55m2 each and a communal space.

Our villas offer exceptional privacy, featuring en-suite bathrooms, captivating jungle-inspired indoor and outdoor showers, and luxuriously comfortable KING and QUEEN-sized orthopedic beds and pillows.

The venue itself features a dedicated restaurant, a barbecue area, and a versatile Yoga space. This open-air area can be fully enclosed at night with convenient drop-down mosquito nets. With 24-hour electricity, reliable StarLink WiFi, and a sustainable source of fresh, clean water, you'll have all the modern amenities you need.

We've successfully hosted retreats accommodating 30-50 participants, thanks to our highly trained staff dedicated to providing a top-tier 5-star service.

We take pride in serving organic cuisine sourced from our own gardens and neighboring farms.

The resort encompasses two picturesque lakes and a jungle river, along with a pristine white-sand beach surrounded by native orchids, creating a truly magical setting for your retreat. Such activities as fishing, kayaks, boats, jungle walks, and traditional evenings with the indigenous tribes are available for the request.

The resort is located in only 17 km. distance from Iquitos International Airport (1.5-hour flights from Lima 6 times a day) and it takes about 70 min. to get there.


16 villas with KING beds, 9 villas with QUEEN beds, and 2 apart-hotels with 2 double beds (4 rooms in total). Each bed has a mosquito net, bed tables, an orthopedic mattress, and comfortable pillows.


Each villa has its own private bathroom and shower. Showers have only cold water. Showers are of two types: inside showers in economy-class villas and outside jungle showers in other villas.


Cleaning is provided to the AWAKEN staff. Cleaning is done once in 2 days. On request for the retreat guest, we can provide daily cleaning.


We have an onsite restaurant and professional cooks who can provide any food options.

Kitchen and Dining room

We have separate fully equipped kitchen,


Private and unique white sand beach on the jungle lake with 10 sunbeds, a volleyball field, and badminton. Ceremony room for the traditional Plant baths, outdoor massage room, and meditation capsules.


Explore Santa Clara's river community through a rewarding volunteer program with local school. Embark on thrilling rainforest expeditions led by biology professors and local shamans to explore medicine plants and natural diversity. Experience Monkey Island, River dolphin excursions, and immerse in nearby indigenous community investigations. Birdwatch, explore wild nature.

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Loreto, Peru

AWAKEN is located 17km from Iquitos International Airport in the middle of the Amazon jungle. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the resort by boat (20min) and take a 20min walk.


Iquitos, Peru

Nearest Airport

Iquitos International Airport

Nearest Town

The nearest town is Iquitos with all city infrastructure, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, nightlife.

Nearest Station

Iquitos International Airport

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Booking Conditions

The AWAKEN venue can be buyout (3100$ a night / up to 64 guests, 31 rooms) or partially rented with the following conditions: 14 villas minimum rent with rate 150$ double occupancy, 120$ single occupancy. The full board with 3 meals is 28$ per person including drinks. Drinking water in rooms is provided unlimited. 50% deposit is required.

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