Patrick Kwilman
Retreat Chef
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I am a vegan chef with 6 years professional experience, cooking in restaurants, retreats & communities.
I opened also my own restaurant in Warsaw (but due to its opening 4 months before Covid we didn’t manage to stay).
For me cooking is a passion and I always try and cook balanced food, that is nutritive, healthy and energizing. I believe that food is the most natural medicine we have so it’s very important be mindful of that. I see cooking as a ceremony, trying keep an ethic while cooking so that only positive thoughts connect with the ingredients.
I specialize in vegan cooking, drawing my inspiration from all over the world, connected to my travels and places of interest. My main specialties at the moment are South American fusion, Polish, French, Indian, African & Oriental.


Services I Offer:

I cater delicious vegan food, desserts, juices, smoothies…
Mostly gluten-free (can be totally GF), minimizing sugar use (can be 0 sugar at all).
Whenever there are any specific diets of participants I either cook a private meal of modify my menu.
For big groups my partner can come and help, she is also a professional barista.

I’m Based In:

I am based in central Portugal, close to Caldas da Rainha.
I am mobile with my own van where I can also sleep if needed.

I Can Travel To:

I am open to traveling any place needed if travel costs are of course taken care of.
I speak Polish, French, English, Spanish, and slowly Portuguese :)

What Inspires Me:

I have traveled a lot and I always try and get inspired by local foods and try to make them vegan.

My Favourite Book:

The Power of Now by Ecuador Tolle. This book is an amazing tool, really putting Life into perspective.

My Favourite Retreat Locations Around The World:

I love South America and Africa and would like to explore these continents. I am personal very emotionally connected to Colombia as I spent there half a year and found this country to be amazing.

My Favourite Food Is:

My favorite food is Colombia/ Venezuelan Arepas. They are corn flatbreads that are then filled. In my restaurant that was one of our specialties with many different fillings savory & sweet

The Cuisines And Diets I Can Cater For:

I mainly cook vegan & gluten-free, but can also be vegetarian, with gluten.
I can also cater leguminous-free, sugar-free, juice-fast, fruitarian…
The only diets I cannot offer are with meet & fish.

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