Kristina Steigerwald
Yoga Teacher
Belief Coding® Facilitator
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Hello beautiful Souls,

my name is Kristina. I love life and the magic around me. From my own healing journey & my academic path, I got inspired and am now on a mission to support others in their healing journeys. 2022 I broke out of my Comfort-zone, traveled & found more and more my truth and a strong connection to my intuition. After I´ve decided, that I want to support & serve the light and healing of the world, I found the most amazing healing modality, got certified Nov. 2022 and work now as a facilitator.

I also studied Sc. of Education & Psychology, have a Certification in Psychoanalytic Pedagogy, Yin Yoga&
H´oponopono. Unfortunatly I dont have any experiences in guiding a retreat, but I know my energy and my wisdom would benefit healing and the opening of the heart

Services I Offer:

-BELIEF CODING®: is a combo of different, spiritual & science-backed methods to work with the subconscious & heal anything! -physical, mental, emotional, inner child, ancestral, past life- at the ROOT CAUSE, by identifying trapped emotions & limiting beliefs, freeing them by healing the connected memories & code in new empowering beliefs, then there is a Ripple Effect to the Here&NOW!
-Yin Yoga

I’m Based In:

I am a Digital Nomad, so I don´t have a residency right now, traveling the world. I spent this year in Italy and Portugal. Originally from Germany.

I Can Travel To:

Where ever I am needed.

What Inspires Me:

I am inspired by the endless possibilities of life!
The Self-healing that is possible for all of us, when we understand that we are responsible and powerful, infinite creators, a light ray of Source!

My Favourite Book:

Becoming Supernatural - by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Letting GO. by David R. Hawkins

My Favourite Retreat Locations Around The World:

The ones with the authentic intention of love, truth and healing!

The Styles Of Yoga I Teach:

I teach YIN YOGA, but don´t have much experience yet. I like to combine it with intention, breath and energy work.

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