Alysha Faulder
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Intentional Catering
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I am a Multidisciplinary Artist who offers Intentional Catering services for Wellness Retreats.

Being passionate about food for the last decade, i’ve come to realize how important it is to serve foods that will fuel your soul, nourish your mind and help your body thrive.

When cooking for a wellness retreat, it’s really important that the meals I create are not only fresh and alive but are also cooked in a way that nourishes and supports the nervous system.

It’s my life’s mission to create memorable experiences for others around the world through food and music!


Services I Offer:

Plant based catering for Wellness retreats. I really emphasize the importance of providing high quality foods. Creating menu plans that will help nourish those during retreats as often these spaces can be quite emotionally and physically demanding. I also try to accommodate to those who have food sensitivities to the best of my ability ensuring everyone feels supported during our time together.

I’m Based In:

Based in Canada, Squamish British Columbia. Open to traveling. Often find my business is quite slow in the winter months as the food truck I co-own is more of a seasonal job. 

I Can Travel To:

Open to traveling anywhere! really wanting to spread my love for food and learn new cooking skills along the way by immersing myself in different cultures.

What Inspires Me:

Being able to take others on a journey through food and music. I also DJ that offers ecstatic dance journeys, happy to offer this with my services as well. Our food truck is called Turnip the Beetz!

My Favourite Book:

The Untethered Soul - I first read this book when I was 20 yrs old and after that I really started to get a taste of my own consciousness and realized that Im not just a body having a human experience

My Favourite Retreat Locations Around The World:

So far in BC, Canada: Xenia retreat centre on Bowen island and Halfmoon Haven on the Sunshine coast. Would love to cater in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Europe or South East Asia!

My Favourite Food Is:

I love our famous Teriyaki Sushi bowl, we sell out of our food truck in the summer! Any foods that feel nourishing and helps regulate our nervous systems, which I find works really well for retreats.

The Cuisines And Diets I Can Cater For:

I mainly specialize in plant based foods but open to accommodating to the best of my abilities. high quality ingredients and creating a menu to help support those who struggle with food sensitivities.

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