Assistant Organizer for Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Paid Job

Salary: n/a

Job Type: Seasonal

Posted: May 23, 2019

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HEYOKA Healing Journey


HEYOKA Healing Journey is providing plant medicine ceremonies in Asia/Europe and US/Canada and is looking for several assistant organizers who:

- have Facebook/Instagram/websites following of minimal 1000 followers
- run successful yoga/meditation/spiritual/mindfulness classes with minimal 500 participants per year
- are healers/Reiki masters etc. and willing to travel within their own city
- recommend HEYOKA participants who have been called to join the plant medicine ceremony
- wants to promote HEYOKA Healing Journey locally and in their community, friends and family
- willing to travel for free within their own continent (Asia/Europe/USA/Canada)
- will attend or assist with the cycles if needed
- is a healer/Reiki master etc. and willing to travel within their own city
- is a mindfulness/spiritual/emphatic/people person/team player/honest/reliable and trustworthy human


Ideally you should have a large group of followers on your social media site or should be a successful yoga teacher, give meditation lessons, are a healer or reiki master who has build up a large clientele or knows a lot of interested people in their community.


For each 20 presented and paid participant you get paid US$ 750
For each 15 presented and paid participant you get free participation on the plant ceremony and additionales.
For each 10 presented and paid participant you can participate on the plant ceremony for half the price.

Please note again:

This position is for anywhere in the world regardless age, gender, sexual preference etc.